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Do more in Google Drive with new workflow integrations from DocuSign, K2 and Nintex

April 3, 2019
Erika Trautman

Director, Product Management, Google Workspace

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Our vision for Drive is to empower every organization to realize the full value of the content it creates. We want to give you the tools to make the most of your documents, so that employees can stay informed, but also protected from unnecessary distraction and busywork. That’s why we’ve added features in Drive to make it easier to find information and take action—from getting a sales contract signed, filed and fulfilled to using machine learning to suggest the right files at the right time (like with the help of Drive’s new Priority Page).

As more and more companies migrate their content to the cloud, it’s critical that they reimagine their workflows to follow similar principles: to help people stay focused, stay informed and to keep distractions at bay. This means that your workflows need to be easy to set up and deploy, but flexible enough to meet your enterprise’s unique needs. And, as a bonus, we think they should also be smart enough to identify patterns and take care of them for you.

With these goals in mind, we’re excited to introduce three new integrations in Google Drive that can help improve your workflows: DocuSign, K2 and Nintex.

  • First, DocuSign: As part of the recently-announced DocuSign Agreement Cloud, this integration can help businesses simplify and accelerate agreement processes. Easily prepare, sign, and store documents right from Google Drive. You can also trigger post-agreement actions, like billing, account activation and payments.
  • Second, K2: K2 is a process automation platform that can use machine learning to help simplify complex end-to-end workflows, such as the approval of a loan application request. To use that as just one example, in a loan request scenario, the K2 integration starts off with a form submission and then leverages a Google TensorFlow machine learning model to help determine whether the request clears certain parameters or should be automatically denied. If it passes the model’s initial check, the system will flag the app to be manually validated by an expert within the company and automatically consolidate these requests into a Google Sheet for you.
  • Lastly, Nintex: If you’ve ever managed a contract from start to finish at your company, you understand the complexities firsthand of creating the document, navigating approvals across HR, Legal, and Sales departments, and integrating that information with various systems. Nintex is a process management, automation, and optimization platform that helps businesses streamline advanced workflows like contract lifecycle management (CLM). Combined with Google Drive, this integration lets you generate contracts automatically, inputting or changing information in responsive forms, and building processes with clicks—not code. Right from Drive, you can send the contract on for review and gather signatures. Once signed, final documents are automatically stored in Drive.

Over the past year, we’ve made improvements to Drive to lay the groundwork for integrations like these, including Metadata (available in Beta), which we first introduced last summer, and Approvals, which will be available in Beta in the coming months—all with the goal to help you simplify workflows and make the most of the information your business creates and stores. 

Speaking of, if you want to learn more about how you can manage, use and share content holistically in your organization from Google Drive experts, join our live webinar on Thursday, May 16, 2019—secure your spot by registering today.

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